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Specifications: External size: L 125cm x W 125cm x H 180 cm Internal pail size: Ø45cm*H34cm Capacity: 30L – 45L Electricity: Worldwide voltage

food high temperature rapid cooler

Your help in central kitchen to instantly cool sauces, soup, and tea to make operation smoother! One girl can complete jobs in cooking materials, release of materials, cooling, packing, and stuffing. This will save your personnel cost. The machine is available in 100V~270V; DC24V ensures operators’

Food & Beverage Instant Cooling Machine

Applications: all kinds of beverage, broth, and etc.Chill your food products from high temperature to room temperature or low temperature. It's only takes less than 20 minutes. Instant cooling machine NE-15 can chill a pail of 15 liters of soup or beverages, from 100°C to 38°C, in 10 minutes by tap

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Rapid cooling machine is a new concept of chilling method. Sunshine Energy use conductive stainless steel technology, energy conduction tubes, to take the heat out of the food and use only normal water to chill.

It takes around 18 to 35 minutes to chill all kinds of sauce, soup and beverage to 18 degree. The chilling cost is less than US$ 0.5. Besides the quick chilling, rapid chiller can also preserve the original color, flavor, freshness and texture of the food. With these advantages, our customers can expand the online ordering market.