Central kitchen planning

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    Key Features

    Collaborating with food safety experts from Food Industry Research and Development Institute Taiwan, Sunshine Energy has extended from its solid establishment of rapid cooling machine production to floor planning of commercial kitchens. With professional 3D tools in place, Sunshine Energy not only aims at optimization but simulation is also adopted_ computer experiments in which the proposed floor plans is applied against real-scale problems are conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the floor plans in address factors of contamination, workplace safety as well as work productivity.


    Small Order Recommendation

    NE-51 Rapid Cooling Machine
    USD 57,000.00-57,000.00
    NE-30 Rapid Cooling Machine
    USD 12,500.00-12,500.00
    NE-16 Rapid Cooling Machine
    USD 12,500.00-12,500.00
    NE50 rapid cooling machine
    USD 57,000.00-57,000.00
    NE51 rapid cooling machine
    USD 57,000.00-57,000.00