Food & Beverage Cooling Machine

  • Model No.:NE-15
  • Certification:CE
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Rapid cooling is the only choice


  • machine size:1000mm x 1000mm x 1750mm

Key Features

Applications: all kinds of beverage, broth, and etc.Chill your food products from high temperature to room temperature or low temperature. It's only takes less than 20 minutes. Instant cooling machine NE-15 can chill a pail of 15 liters of soup or beverages, from 100°C to 38°C, in 10 minutes by tap water. You can also chill the product to 18°C by ice water. To 18°C, it only takes 18 minutes.Advantages: chilling efficiently, flavor preserving, bacteria number controlling, energy saving, and etc.Besides these, instant cooling machine is design for DC 24V, just like your cell phone. And instant cooling machine is design for DIY assembly. With a picture user's manual, our clients can install and repair by themselves. So there is no problem of after sale service.

Main Export Market

Canada ,Japan ,Malaysia ,Philippines ,Taiwan ,Thailand

Product Certification:

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